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During the last week of August we have been planting all the trees that we have been asking via web and email. We want to thank you for being part of a project that aims to care for and preserve nature through awareness.

Prepare posters of trees

The first thing we did was to prepare posters. During these days we have been helping (both Alba and me) my sister Maria Luz, her partner David and uncles Pepe and Nuri. We started one evening after dinner to prepare posters. The first thing we did was first prop tablets with stakes. Then adjust finished with some screws to secure fixation and proceeded to paint. Alba Cobos Sánchez y MariLuz Antón Hinojar   Sergio Antón Hinojar

On the spot

Once we finished the posters, let them dry and went to the field to see how we would continue planting trees. For this, my uncle Pepe helped us create a linked stakes and wires, which helped us have a structure and follow a pattern in planting trees and putting up posters.   Sergio Antón y Pepe Antón   We also used to irrigate some trees and drive some stakes to have an orientation day that we were planting. Apadrina un árbol Pepe Antón   Alba Cobos y Sergio Antón Hinojar

Tree planting

The day after having left marked all the way to continue planting trees and stakes, we left the field with some of the trees were going to plant. Here you can see some oaks we bought for planting. Encinas Quercus Ilex While my uncle Pepe, Nuri, Alba and MariLuz positions were watching the trees, David and I were digging holes to plant trees later. We were totally surprised to see that the ground was much harder than the last time we plant. Obviously, it is summer and the ground is drier. We were within 2 hours to a few holes, which made us think that things would not be so easy. With pick and shovel we were getting extract stone but it was increasingly difficult. David Pérez   Nuri Gruas After spending about 6 hours between the morning and afternoon, we managed to make the holes. In total about 25 holes were missing but also to nail the little signs hehe. Another job!

The machine-punched!

Having seen and we had very little time, the next day I started to look for a ahoyadora. It is a machine used to make holes in the ground, is to plant trees, fence posts or put to other uses. We got sent one from Alicante at 24 hours and at a great price. Obviously the cost of the machine and we assume shipping. The fact that the day we receive the set off very quickly and could see that worked very well. Now try it lacked perform on the spot where the plantations. An area that has a lot of clay but also a lot of stone. Here you have a short video where you can see the machine running later nailing posters.

For the next planting trees, probably we use a bit of 30cm (diameter) that allow us to accelerate the process much more. It will help us to undo the land and to dig a little more than what we were doing. Something that will improve the growth of trees.

Trees planted

Here you have a list of trees planted during this August.

If you want to plant your tree or want to make a gift to someone special, you can do it here.

Written by Sergio Antón Hinojar