June 10, 2015 Business, General No Comments

The last weekend we were visiting the restaurant of Gonzalo Sacristan, Sabinar. A restaurant that is located in Calatañazor, a village west of Soria and has a great story. I recommend to all who visit it for its rich history and landscapes that can be observed in the area.

Gonzalo, restaurant owner, confirmed that we would be involved in spreading the message that we take from Your little tree. Of course, they are places where many people pass and not diminish the opportunity for informing people about the project.

Perhaps the idea that we conduct later be having some flyers that people can pick up and take home or have a fixed there. In this way people could see the project and also sponsor a tree by QR code. Directly from the phone.

We are sure that this principle of collaboration will lead us to collaborate more restaurants in the same town to spread the message of sponsoring a tree.

Soon we will create an article with some of the routes that can be made in this area since no waste.

Written by Sergio Antón Hinojar