May 11, 2015 General No Comments

This weekend has visited Jonathan company Carpentry Lezana. Actively collaborates with us, helping in the manufacture of timber will then be placed in each tree.

The woods used are treated to the outside. Thus, we achieve that last much longer and can stand the test of time. The main sign is made with phenolic wood. A timber that holds moisture well and hope to get a long life. The stake is Flanders pine wood. Brushed, with bevelled edges and autoclaved. With all this and a couple of nails and have our poster.

As you can see in the picture, each poster will be the following information: Person planting tree (ie, yours), when it was planted and the number of tree. In this way you can be better controlled each of the trees that we planted. In addition, each of you can visit the farm and see the trees planted.

Now we have to prepare all the posters for placement. We use a type of plastic coating that can hold up well on the wood and hold good all the weather that will accompany these small trees.

At the end of the month we will place posters of all those trees we have planted so far. We will keep you posted!

Written by Sergio Antón Hinojar