After a while turning around on how to improve irrigation and set up some system, we have thought that in the course of arriving at a really innovative idea, we have to get an efficient way to water.

That is why after finding and searching we have found a pickup that has come out very well in price and that will serve us to water. In fact, this past weekend August 12 we were able to prove it. We have installed a 1000 liter tank, which we have tested filling almost half (500 liters). With a motor pump and their respective hoses, which we bought, we were able to get water from a well we have in Muriel de la Fuente and load it directly into the tank already mounted on the pickup.

Taking advantage that my grandfather was there I went with him to water the trees.

Already on the way you could see the weight and a little swaying of the car but it could be carried perfectly.

Entry into the field has been one of the most complicated parts since there is a lot of inclination to enter. So much that it is impossible to face, you have to step aside and still scary.

Once we’ve sorted out this problem, it’s just getting watered. It has taken about 2 and a half hours to water all the trees but the truth is that it is a job that does not tire and that it is great to be there in the middle of the mountain enjoying the sunset as well as seeing how all your trees grow.

Grandpa Ezequiel, who is now 97 years old, was delighted to be there and see how well they were watering. My grandfather used to tell me … “Take them well with water, get drunk well …” And so I did 🙂

Written by Sergio Antón Hinojar