March 18, 2015 General No Comments
As we have seen in the section on history, our goal is simply to improve the forest as we can and we have in our hands.

Since we began discussing the project to close people have not stopped llovernos congratulations. Words that helped us move forward. Obviously we’ve had all kinds of opinions but our commitment continues.

Our prospects for this project have been from the very large principle, cover and reach anywhere in the world. Obviously there are things we can not yet make but work done every year we go we will improve and grow.

Start by creating a foundation as soon as possible to have a backup that more formality behind the project. We want to talk about the founding Your Little Tree 🙂

One of the long-term goals is to create jobs. Who knows if in addition to plant trees that can stand on its own, can create green areas where jobs are created and our contribution to the environment is even greater.

We hope that together we can begin to shape this project we want to perform my wife and I Cobos Alba. Besides all the family support received so far, which are few 🙂

I want to thank Eva Pedro is going to help me carry the social networks and Silvia Carmona for designing the logo 🙂

Written by Sergio Antón Hinojar