During this weekend, specifically on 29 and May 30, we have been making posters for each tree. All posters are identified by the number of tree, the person who planted it and the date on which the tree was planted. It notes that brought us a few hours to prepare all the posters and must be done carefully.

First we were going over some letters hand to have a pattern and then we applied exterior paint. With this painting we get it lasts for years (or so we hope) the poster with information.

As you can see in the pictures they have been very good. We have also produced some posters of people who wanted plant a tree but such is not the time to do it (very hot) have not been able to plant (for the moment).

Elena and Javier were helping us in developing posters and also helped us to put them. They have also collaborated planting two trees. Here you can see them so happy.

elena y javier plantan un árbol

Javier Casas and Elena Vila collaborates with Your little tree

Some of the trees planted are now as follows and where you can see individual posters for each.

These are some of the trees planted so far. We have outstanding plant some trees more for Mercedes Anton Javier, Elena, Cristina (congratulations on your daughter!), Reuben, Deborah, Silvia, Marta …

The truth is that has surprised us because we have found the trees well enough to have spent a few months of drought. However we are looking for people who can help us to collaborate watering the trees and creating a minimum of maintenance. All this talk about in a few months.

Here some photographs over the land where the trees are planted and placed signs we leave.

cabrejas del pinar

Finca de Cabrejas del Pinar where we planted trees

plantar arboles en la muela

Finca La Muela where we planted trees

Written by Sergio Antón Hinojar