My name is Sergio Anton Hinojar. I was born a “inch” years in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona).

My whole family is from Soria, there were living and working from my parents to my grandparents, great-grandparents and above the family tree.

Obviously the whole area there is much room and they were devoted to farm and animals.

My grandmother Regina wanted to sell some farms he had for his hometown (Nafria la Llana) and the municipality of Golmayo. I, like the rest of my family, I always had a great feeling for the land where he lived and worked my family. That is why we decided to stay with a land located in a village called La Muela. Yes, it is one of those towns in which 10 people live but provides a very special landscapes and natural tranquility.

Do not know what to do with the ground but I thought I’d think of something. I’m always thinking to do to not waste time or yes.

First I came to plant trees. I mentioned it to some friends and they seemed like a good idea. After a meal we had with my uncles and my wife I mentioned the idea and they seemed pretty good. At the end of the day, it has always been said that a person must have a child, write a book and plant a tree.

I asked seemed to them the idea of planting a tree for each family member what they told me they looked good idea. We discuss planting, make us photos and even create a time machine. This that you get pictures of the moment, write a letter to your current sitación and as you see the future in general. Both of your family, and what comes into your head.

From here I was giving a few laps and thought about creating this platform. A place where people could make a financial contribution to help plant trees (what would we) or sponsor them. Also everyone could see the trees planted by photographs or visiting the land where they met. Our job is simply to create the largest forests and care for existing.

As my grandfather also has land with many trees, thought they could also adopt trees. In what way? For making a small contribution to help us to keep working on this project. What I would do would be to choose a healthy tree and would put a label with your name and date. Ah! And I send you a picture so only saw as a program and where it is (using gps or catrastro).

My passion has always been the technology. In fact I am dedicated to everything related to it and why I wanted to make a mix between two passions. The one I have for my work and I feel for nature.

Sergio Antón Hinojar
These are some of the first to begin planting trees during Easter 2015. From here our expectations have been growing and with them our enthusiasm for the project. A project that aims to plant trees, to get individuals, businesses or institutions can sponsor a tree. That we all take greater awareness of how important it is to build a better future.