March 28, 2018 Business, General No Comments

Hello everyone! We continue adding companies and startups that want to collaborate with the environment while they grow. Not only looking for economic growth, looking for sustainability before the development of a new product. In this case, we talk about personalized backpacks.

Clara and Alba are the creators of Moriarty Brand, a brand of backpacks and patches that can be customized and found in Alicante. Moriarte offers more than backpacks, the possibility of personalizing to the taste of each one choosing between the full range of colors and adhesive patches. Both partners have created a brand for young people, with a surfer and adventurous style for all those who want to eat the world and who at the same time respect it.

Moriarty is committed to donate 10% of every purchase made for the reforestation of forests in Spain. In this way they seek that their clients are part of the change and inspire others to be so.

Moriarty is not just a backpack, it’s a philosophy and way of life.

From Your little tree we want to thank these two young entrepreneurs who have our project to carry out their mission. Raise awareness a little more in each of the clients they may have and those around them.

Thanks and good luck!

Written by Sergio Antón Hinojar