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The Sima del Gato located Cabrejas del Pinar direction is coming from Muriel de la Fuente or vice versa. On this road there is a small hostel where we can see the chasm and read the information that we will detail below. This information is the same you can find in the poster ­čÖé

How the chasm and other landforms are formed


Explicaci├│n de una Sima

For a gap is formed, first takes a huge block of limestone pieda located in more or less level ground. This we have. If you take a look around you’ll notice you’re on a calcareous wasteland upholstery junipers. Needless After the rainwater makes its effect on the block … and over time (thousands of years) we have a chasm. The calcareous wasteland behaves like a sponge. Calcareous block is fragmented by a series of parallel cracks, called joints, where the water depth infirltra. Water in contact with atmospheric CO2 dissolves the limestone. Over time, going infiltrating water, cracks are opening and increasing in size generating diverse landforms (you play, sinkholes, potholes, etc.). Thus the development of a sinkhole in-depth results in a gap or torca.


Vistas desde la Sima del gato


Written by Sergio Ant├│n Hinojar