Main line of work

    • Working in the regeneration of areas in which there has never been either felled trees.
    • Enrich poor vegetation zones

This list we want to go slowly adding new initiatives. Such as developing tree plantations in areas affected by fires, get new methodologies planting, potentially generate cars in unpopulated areas, publicize new areas and much more.

Our methodology

Once the order is placed will be reflected in the system that has been applied to plant a new tree. The way we work operates as follows.

Once we receive your order as grouped by species that have been requested.
Throughout the year we will visit often perform different plots where plantations..
We plant trees or requested labels include sponsorship. I took pictures and send them 🙂

1 – Grouping orders


The first thing we do is to group orders received during the last weeks or months to plan the purchase of trees and then arrange the trip for planting.


2 – Planning


Once we have all the orders received in recent weeks or months, what we do is plan the trip. Always looking on the season and time to ensure that planting trees is productive.

In addition we also look and plan to plant trees on land to make the time and necessary for planting material.


3 – Plantation


This is the best part. It’s where we get down to work. Once we have planted trees grow naturally. Are planted with a minimum amount of water so that they can continue to live naturally. All species established on the website are apt to live more naturally without irrigation or light the climate of the area.


As a note to say that we can not guarantee a fixed time of placing the order until the planting is done. This happens because our work is altruistic and we take trips to make all this work 🙂

At the moment, either nor can we guarantee that the trees we planted live the expected time or that may disappear. This could be due to factors outside any control that we can do on the ground or trees planted directly. It is noteworthy that everything is in a natural environment and especially the trees that are planted perfectly thrive on climate found in different areas of Soria.

Our outlook for the future is to have controlled all areas where plant trees or have been sponsored. By leave, increased flow of visitors and all you can ensure that trees grow normally. Little by little we will be working all these aspects as they are getting economic contributions.