This Easter in 2015 have been in Soria and have begun to plant trees. Specifically, we have planted 19 trees. It’s been 15 black pines (nigra) and 4 oak Quercus ilex. We started the day by planting 5 pins on land located near the Sima del Gato. A small hostel there Cabrejas del Pinar address if we turn from Muriel de la Fuente. In this place there is a chasm deep enough that appears on a plane but very rocky terrain.


Plantación de árboles en La Muela

We started the morning with pick and shovel doing the holes to plant trees. The truth is that it is hard ground. You have to chop pretty stone (in fact, we broke a peak) and let all the earth rather loose for pine can grab.

Once all the holes we are dedicated to plant pines 5 we had decided to plant in this area.

The next day we went near a village called La Muela. Located near Nafria la Llana (from where my grandmother and my father was born) and where there are only 13 inhabitants. The land in this area are much nicer. They are red, soft soils, which hold moisture very well and very clean. This time we planted 10 pines and oaks remaining 4. When making holes truth is that it was very simple. Within no time we had made the holes and we get to plant trees.

Once planted blaming we carry enough water to the soil to store it and go giving the tree you need.

We hope to return soon to see that all trees are good and take their natural course.

Written by Sergio Antón Hinojar