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Today the Finnish society is notable for several features as its education system, political and assessment of public services, their awareness of caring for their people and the existence of great ecological consciousness in all existing social layers. Fortunately these are some of the notable features of the country, and that could help us get our own example.

In this day and concerning the opportunity to give us many environmental associations in our country, I am excited to be able to share with you the information I have synthesized several readings obtained on the subject.

The prioritization of environmental conservation is given by 40% of the Finnish population, it shows that more are on the right path to a marked improvement in protection our entire ecosystem. Prioritization is very noticeable, and also significant as that put the environment to an improvement in economic growth or job creation. And thus I, and thought, I really think it is well successful. What would a rich person or sidelined if our environment disappeared? Did we forget that our healthy life depends largely on the care that we give to the environment?

Half of the Finnish population would sacrifice financially if he knew what you pay is fully utilized to improve the environment, actually in Spain with donations and grants that promote various associations also have the chance. However, aid to protect the environment must be an awareness of each individual to help change and keep in mind an attitude of absolute respect for nature; and memory that is available to everyone.

This ecological factor does not depend solely on income levels in the country. In Finland, consumer product that can harm the environment are automatically discarded by the majority of the population. In part, we also appreciate that every day in Spain there are more people keeping in mind this aspect. In short, once again, I think that the success of the conservation of the environment lies in the responsibility of each individual over nature, and consider it as a fundamental duty of citizens. Finland is one of the greenest countries, besides having an enviably low level of pollution.

Finally, by way of reflection, the Finnish brushing environmentalism in this news fits into a deep crisis of the idea of ​​progress, a result of a severe economic and social crisis in the 1990s crises Sounds like the concept, but not both liberalism and tolerance characteristic of the Finnish country. Today, knowing that it is never too late to improve, it may be a good economic and social moment in Spain to incorporate this time of crisis environmentalism; not forgetting to be a concept socially shared by each and every one of us.

Written by Sergio Antón Hinojar