May 21, 2015 Business, General No Comments

During this week we are celebrating the Ciutat Flamenco Festival. A festival by passing highly recognized and where you can enjoy art artists. Carmen Doora will present his new album called ECO. We wanted to work together as we pursue the same goal from different perspectives. Her from singing, Ecological sponsoring companies, festivals of eco-fashion, and we planted trees.

During the performance that you can see in this site flyers for his new album will be distributed and promoted Your little tree. Nowadays 21 at 18: 00h.

planta un árbol

Carmen wears a very elaborate artistic career in recent years, but also a tour with regard to ecology. It has always been present and acting in several events related to ecology. A very important point and we all cherish.

Now with his new album he hopes to raise awareness a little closer to the people. Create sensitivity. Because we are all part of a world that we cherish and respect.

Since the beginning of this project are very much interested Carmen. Planting trees to improve the environment in the future seemed a good idea. That is why the project has been following very closely and wants to collaborate with us actively.

Written by Sergio Antón Hinojar