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During this weekend, specifically on 29 and May 30, we have been making posters for each tree. All posters are identified by the number of tree, the person who planted it and the date on which the tree was planted. It notes that brought us a few hours to prepare all the posters and must …

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During these days I have raised some persons who were the advantages I had a person or company to plant a tree. Obviously many people only see the financial outlay they do not see beyond. That is why I always try to explain that our platform is an incentive and motivation for plant trees . …

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The Sima del Gato located Cabrejas del Pinar direction is coming from Muriel de la Fuente or vice versa. On this road there is a small hostel where we can see the chasm and read the information that we will detail below. This information is the same you can find in the poster 🙂 How …

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