Your little Tree for business

If you are a company and want to collaborate with us, you can do it in an easy way. Also get great advantages we want to convince you explain a little more.

    • Associating the name of your company with an innovative initiative in the conservation of trees and nature.
    • Being recognized in public opinion. Committed to the enterprise environment.
    • Have a corporate environmental responsibility element that differentiates you from your competition.
    • To compensate somehow the environmental impact generated by the operations of your business.
    • Give more value to your brand to show a commitment to the welfare of the planet.
    • To attract future customers and create entrepreneurial awareness at all levels.
    • Supports the natural preservation of the planet.

1 tree 1 employee

You can plant or sponsor as many trees as you like. We will give you a small certificate indicating the number of sponsored trees or planted, so you can display in your office. We also send A logo to include on your web page and that you can use to spread the message.

Other formulas passed by donating a small amount on each product that a firm can produce either on a service. In this way a company can help improve trees and we can grow this project.

1000 m²
  • 50 trees
  • 2250 Kg CO² refined/year

2500 m²
  • 100 trees
  • 4500 Kg CO² refined/year

5000 m²
  • 200 trees
  • 9000 Kg CO² refined/year

1 Ha
  • 400 trees
  • 18000 Kg CO² refined/year


If you are interested, please contact us using the contact form.


Plant a tree Moriarty BrandA new startup will collaborate giving 10% of its turnover in the tree plantation. Sale of personalized backpacks in color and patches. Thanks to this action, greater awareness is created in an increasingly globalized world.

Plant a tree CalatañazorThe restaurant located in El Sabinar Calatañazor and directed by Gonzalo Sacristan, collaborate with Your little tree by spreading the message to all its customers passing through its Magnificent restaurant.

Sponsor a tree guitarGuitarras Bros manufactures handmade guitars for famous people worldwide. Thanks to the sale of his guitars, will make financial contributions to plant trees.

Plant a treeOur supplier of wooden signs to name each of the planted trees. It helps in carrying wood selection, cutting and impregnation.

Fleepster plant a treeFleepster is an application that allows to know the opinion of people applied to business. Helped us with a financial contribution to begin carrying out the project.

Sponsor a treeThe study music Music Art Studio led by Angel Dorado, help us spread the message in all recordings you make as well as actions carried out.

Hidegar sponsor a treeHidegar laser is one of the companies concerning as it relates to laser cutting in Catalonia. It will help with some financial contributions.

Jalsosa plant a treeJalsosa is the market leader in the manufacture of sponge soap and other cosmetics company. It will contribute to the environment actively.