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You imagine come to life in one way or another after death? Well, it is possible thanks to the very good idea to have Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel.

It is to bury people in a kind of biodegradable egg (mainly composed of maize and potato) that can be buried in the ground and planting a tree just above.


The idea came to think of spending that occurs with the coffins. A coffin is composed of a tree, which can take 30 years to grow. A coffin takes about three days maximum. Then disintegrates or incinerated.

From this thought, the idea. Why not do the opposite? As well. They did this project.

The idea of going to see a deceased person in a forest full of trees rather than a cemetery. “Forests memorial” is the name that this couple has put.

Once a person has passed away his body would be inserted in this biodegradable egg. It would be buried and a tree that has been previously chosen would be planted. When several eggs and trees are planted would begin to form the “memorial forest.”




People could visit and remember their loved ones in a beautiful forest.

That you seem to carry out a project of this type in a field that we have? It would be a good idea right? What we are proposing 🙂

Written by Sergio Antón Hinojar