May 18, 2015 General, Nature No Comments

During these days I have raised some persons who were the advantages I had a person or company to plant a tree. Obviously many people only see the financial outlay they do not see beyond. That is why I always try to explain that our platform is an incentive and motivation for plant trees . We tried to create a new system for planting trees. A system where anyone can see and know your tree with photographs or visiting him.

We detail some of the main advantages plant trees.

    • The forests are our largest producers of water and help graduate rain.
    • If we plant trees we avoid soil erosion and have a warmer soil. This causes desertification.
    • The forests and trees are natural pollution filters.
    • Planting trees means creating life. Create a space where another animal biodiversity can combine naturalness.
    • We got down regulate the climate and global warming.
    • The trees allow you to create vegetation in the soil.
    • help counteract noise pollution.
    • The dust particles are retained by the leaves of the trees.
    • We can leverage off.
    • A square kilometer of forest generates tons of oxygen a year.
    • Absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide.
    • A tree absorbs toxic gases emitted 100 cars in one day.

The truth is that there are many more reasons that should lead to plant trees. Hehe obviously we would never end.

If you are now a little more confident plant a tree , you can do it here.

Written by Sergio Antón Hinojar