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Now there will be no shortage of water! We have a pickup!

After a while turning around on how to improve irrigation and set up some system, we have thought that…

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Chernobyl will have the largest solar power plant worldwide

For those who do not know where is Chernobyl and what happened here a link to Wikipedia.


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New planting trees 2016

Hello everyone! During this Easter 2016 we carried out another small planting trees and sponsorship….

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Build a house around a tree to not cut

Some architects have carried out a strategic plan in order to build a house around a tree. The aim…

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Back to life after death

You imagine come to life in one way or another after death? Well, it is possible thanks to the…

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Seeding calendar | Urban garden

Now that it has become fashionable to grow plants to have…

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Embracing trees improves your health

How many times have we heard that that hugging trees is good? Well, one study has shown that it…

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Returning to nature that has given us

This is the work that we perform to make people aware of how important it is to have trees…

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Tree planting in late August

During the last week of August we have been planting all the trees that we have been asking via…

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We draw a tree!

During the next week we will have a contest asset that aims anyone to send their best photograph of…

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